Configure Python SDK and PyTeal

To use PyTeal in your smart contract project, you need to make sure the following steps are done.

1. Install Python plugin in IntelliJ IDE

If you don't have Python plugin installed yet, you can do that from "Plugins" page in IntelliJ IDE.

For IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, you need to install "Python Community Edition" plugin.

For IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition, check for "Python" plugin

2. Configure / Add Python SDK and Install PyTeal

Once the python plugin is installed, you can create a Python SDK inside IntelliJ IDE. But before that, you need to make sure you already have Python installed on your machine.

To create / configure a new Python SDK

  • Right click on the project and select "Open Module Settings"

  • Select "SDKs" and Click "+" to add a new Python SDK

Install PyTeal

  • Once the Python SDK is there, go to "packages" tab and click "+" to install pyteal.

3. Select Python SDK as Project's SDK

Go to "Project" and select Python SDK.

Now you are ready to write your first PyTeal program.

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